Patterns and Textures in the Summer


Summer in Texas is brutal. By 7am, the temperature hits above 80, and it’s hard to walk a couple of miles, let alone run. Going outside is like a chore, you must expect to sit in a hot boiling car for a few minutes before it cools off. You will sweat within 30 seconds of being out, and you will find yourself drinking more water than you ever thought you could. All that is actually fine by me. I love the heat, and if I’m comfortable, it does not bother me at all. I’ve spent the past year curating my closet with clothes that hang loose off the body, that make me feel confident and comfortable.

I love the versatility in a lot of my new pieces. Tops I can wear backwards and wrap around. Pants I can comfortably breathe in even after I eat that I can dress up or down. Heels that I can almost run in and can stand hours in. You get the idea. Do you remember this top from this previous post? I love lightweight cottons, linens, and silks for the summer, especially if they’re made with love by small brands that care for quality.

This outfit was centered around these Classic Wideleg Leharia Watermelon Matter Prints pants. Although these pants are a statement piece with the color and print, I opted with making them the base of this fun look. The pants are a classic cut, and they can easily replace your favorite jeans by playing with different textures and other prints. I went with an oversized white linen top that could be wrapped or tied either in the front or back. The white top allowed for the other prints and textures to pop! I decided to go with a back bow for a little unexpected fun (I forgot the mosquito repellent! And regretted big time.)

My black and white headwrap has a minimal print that complemented the pants and worked with the red textured shoes. I added the purse because the pop of blue is what the look really needed. Sometimes, I don’t really like staying within the same color palette. I love to mix things up. Life is too short to not mix things up. Play with color. It’s fun!

I could easily say that mixing different statement pieces in one look is a hobby of mine. The earrings are statement if worn with a simple white tee and blue jeans. The headwrap is obviously a standout piece on its own. So are the pants, the shoes, and the purse, but they all come together and just work. I always joke about how playing with prints and textures that way is my “minimalist” look because I’m ridiculous.

I’m excited to wear these pants on future trips and around town. They work well with basic tees, a good button-up that can be worn either relaxed or tied up. They look amazing with slides and sneakers, and I love the vibrant pink mixed with the bold black print. These pants will be going on rotation all summer to mid fall. How would you wear them?

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Pants: Matter Prints; Headwrap: Fanm Djanm; Bangles: Fanm Djanm; Bag: Fanm Djanm; Shoes: Prada via The Real Real