Frolicking in my playsuit

A little sassy romper, platform shoes, a denim tote bag, and a headwrap can be easily be my favorite outfit combination this summer. We all know I love to jump, bend, and do high kicks! And don’t you forget it because these few things pretty much sum up my life. I can’t help it if I have a lot of energy! Sometimes I pour it all into my creativity. Other times I shout random things and laugh really hard. But often, I jump, do high kicks and pretty much float around. Now you know most things about me, let’s get to this beautiful little romper I’m frolicking in.

Jolie Coquette, a romantic twirler’s dream and playsuit of choice for summer-time-fun, is one of my favorite brands right now. The company raised over 30K on a crowd funding pageto create literally the best romper I’ve ever worn in my life. Kimber-Lee Alston, a former engineering student and the owner of the playful brand, is nothings short of a brilliant, young black entrepreneur.  Before launching her (what I’d like to call) life changing rompers, she had absolutely no background in fashion. I’m just so thrilled for the brand’s vision, and gorgeous classic designs.

Here are 5 reasons you should totally get this romper:

1- It’s ridiculously flattering. I mean… Have you not noticed my cleavage? And the shorts lengthen the legs, which is always a plus! (It’s actually my first time using this expression, so forgive me.)

2- Imagine one day, you go to this super fun, relaxed event, perhaps a festival… You decide to wear a romper because you want to be cute. I mean rompers in general are purchased because they’re cute.  You’re having a lot of fun. You’re dancing, and without even paying much attention,  you’re also consuming a large amount of summery drinks. Finally, the dreadful time sneaks up on you and you have to use the toilet comes. Guess what? This freakin’ magical thing has a detachable crotch area with easy snap buttons! Meaning, you don’t have to get butt naked in a stinky stall because you can squat with dignity. What?!

3- When you sway, it moves like a dress, but protects you from embarrassing moments with the wind and other things. Children are watching!

4- It has a little pocket inside near the chest area for your ID, credit or metro card. It’s literally like your a sassy ninja. “Oh, what’s that sir? You need my ID?” BAM! *Pulls out of hidden pocket near boobs and twirls away.*

5- It has giant mesh pockets on both sides of the shorts for your phone, keys, random flowers and the fairy knick knacks you just have to carry around. You actually don’t even need a purse.

Clearly, I’m excited for this brand. I have a few other colors, which I’ve used for Fanm Djanm‘s latest shoot for the launch of our bandannas. I can’t wait to do more frolicking, and bending and snapping in the other little numbers.

Disclaimer: I was not given an monetary compensation for this post. All opinions and excitement are my own.

Headwrap/choker: Fanm Djanm; Shoes: ASOS; Bag: V-lure Designs