A Style Journal from New Orleans

Shop statement denim

I finally made it to New Orleans. we hugged for a while. she welcome me with open arms.  I fell in love with her colors, and I got lost in her magic.

I walked down every street with energy I didn't even know I possessed at the time. I was in town to host a Fanm Djanm popup with the lovely ladies at Saint Claude Social Club, and to shoot a summer look book for Fanm Djanm. I barely had time for me, but I had a magical time. 

 The porches flirted with me. The flowers sang to me. Even her doors pulled me closer. I was in color heaven. I was in my zone. My creative energy felt rejuvenated. I felt so alive! I had to slow her down because I couldn't keep up. I told her I had to return to fully immerse myself. And to give a piece of myself too. Because what good is it to receive if we cannot give back? 

Shop statement slides

FEATURED HEADWRAPS: Calma (denim), Fanta (orange), Mint


My outfits were inspired by my mood and who I was around. The first day, I played around with a fun full midi skirt from Saint Claude Social Club (Find similar here <--- steal! and here <--- splurge!). I paired it with a tee shirt to dress it down a bit, a pom pom straw hat and some lace up casual flat sandals. I absolutely loved the Modcloth pastel striped dress, and I knew it would be a great item to pack for the trip! It was playful, colorful, and I love that it looks great with plain white sneakers. It would also be perfect with a pair of easy slingbacks for a vintage look. The printed Modcloth romper made an easy dinner outfit. I wore it with neutral heels and a mint headwrap. 

New Orleans was the perfect space for me to play with my colors. Not the colors I wore on my body, but rather the colors that truly define me. I met some amazing people during my few days there, and I connected with people I knew on a deeper level. I allowed myself to let go. Truly let go. Even during a somewhat stressful work trip. 

One of my favorite moments was blasting Solange in an old historical house I rented in Treme. I danced to jazz with random strangers, and stayed up until the sun came up. I sold flowers on Bourbon street with a beautiful woman named Bettina, held multiple snakes all at once, and made friends with a young magician. 

I'm eager to return. To learn more about the historical city, and to make long lasting relationships. I loved waking up there. I found myself more laid back and easy going. I found myself slowing down my pace, and stopping to really look. All the little details mattered so much.