Laughter, Watermelon Sangria, and the NYC Skyline

I think it's important to get to know the people I work with outside of the workplace. I think it's important to let my guard down around the people I trust with my business. I think it's important to have fun with my team because it helps build a stronger professional relationship, and makes the work even easier. I enjoy taking my team out when I can. I try to budget different fun activities like group massages, dinners, and other team building events we can think of. I was thrilled when Hudson Hotel invited me to have a few drinks at their dreamy Sky Terrace during my last trip to New York City. So, I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring my team along for some summertime fun. 

When my team and I arrived, we were greeted by a bright pink flower wall as we made our way to the hostess stand.  A beautiful dark skinned woman with a smile brighter than her fluorescent orange dresses welcomed and accommodated us right away. We were seated in a sunny and spacious corner of the roof where we could lounge and soak up all of the sun for the rest of the afternoon into the evening.

The summer breeze relaxed me as I closed my eyes on the plush lounge chair. I felt my shoulders getting less tense, and all my little troubles melting away. Nemah's loud laughter almost disappeared in the background. But there's no tuning out the spicy Ghanian/Tanzanian woman who keeps our office organized and ships everything with so much care. I pictured Toni, the newest addition to our team, trying to shush Nemah or giving her the side eye to get her to behave. Shenel who is part of our operating and creative crew helped to keep me from falling on the hammock as I tried to hold my drink in one hand and keep my dress down from the wind in the other. She's the calmest of the group, and observes quietly while trying to make plans on how to distance herself from the super loud, colorful group. And Indigo, not quite part of the team, but a huge supporter since she moved to New York watches us as we strategically place our drinks on the table for some photo ops. We may not be working, but we will get creative!

The watermelon sangria arrived in an actual watermelon, and I squealed with delight. I'm not joking. I love when fruits are used as bowls. How genius! They get me every time. I will never get used to them, so don't even try. And If I could, I'd eat out of a pineapple or watermelon everyday.

Our cocktails were as delicious as they were beautiful. I settled on the refreshing Hudson Mojito while everyone else tried to make up their minds since everything seemed like a great choice. The prices are pretty standard for a beautiful rooftop bar with great seating. A great New York City skyline and comfy seats don't come cheap. For a group of five people, the bill came around $200 excluding gratuities. That included the giant watermelon sangria and an additional five cocktails. Overall my team and I had a phenomenal experience taking in the gorgeous views as the sun disappeared and the skyline lit up from the tall buildings surrounding  us.