Easy, Breezy. That's Me.


I'm doing a massive clean up in my closet. I'm getting rid of everything that causes me the slightest amount of discomfort. Things I held on to to remind me of my size 2 days. Things I used to piece together with safety pins and pretended they were all that. Lots of thrifted polyester things. I want to live the easy, breezy life. 

As I get older, I'm falling more and more into myself. I seriously couldn't care less about trends, and you know that. But there are a few I'm seriously LOVING right now. I love mules and I cannot lie. I love mules, slides, block-heeled shoes, high waisted, wide legged denim, and fun statement bags. 

I find myself shopping less at stores like Zara and H&M. I thrift more, but I no longer just go for things just being they're three dollars. I shop for quality now. I shop to pass things down to my future daughters. I shop for things that make my life easier and more meaningful. I look for color, but I don't just settle on any color. And now I buy lots of basics too just to play with statement accessories. 

I've noticed that lots is changing with my shopping habits. I spend more money on shoes now and jeans too. I don't shop because of brands, you know that. But if I put something on, and it makes me feel better, I will buy it. I think fashion is fascinating. As I look at currently styles that mirror my mom's wardrobe in the early 90's, and how everything just recycles, I don't go by what others say will make me look good. Everything I purchase now is about how it makes me feel. Cheers to comfort. And ease!

Shoes: Dolce Vita; Jeans: Maison Margiela (SHOP SIMILAR HERE: ); Top: Purchased locally in Austin (SHOP SIMILAR HERE or HERE <-- *splurge*); Headwrap: Fanm Djanm; Purse: Figue via NetaPortet