Let's talk nudes!

A couple of months ago, I collaborated with Refinery29 on a series of #shortcuts videos. Despite the brutal December snow storm, the whole day was just warm and magical!  The entire crew consisted of bad-ass women.  Being in the studio as a talent inspired me beyond anything I could imagine. I loved that they considered my ideas while I had the full benefits of a "talent".  The studio was a fun, open atmosphere where we created a few fun looks that involved glitter, color, nude lipsticks, and of course headwraps. When I posted the nude lippy video (posted below) on my page, many of you reached out to ask me which lipsticks I used. I also noticed the same feedback on the Refinery page, which of course prompted this post! 

I've been really into statement earrings and colorful eyeliner lately, so I often go for some basic lip options. I used to put on a red everyday, but now I often find myself grabbing a nude.  

"Tampered" by Urban Decay- I love this lipstick when I want to add a soft blush tone to my look. I still consider it a nude although it has a hint of pink with my complexion.

Anise by Bite Beauty- This is by far my favorite nude. I also have Cocoa, a darker shade from the same brand that I would absolutely recommend. I love their cream texture, and I would consider them both beautiful nudes! 

860 Spice by L'Oreal- I've been grabbing this almost daily. It's extremely moisturizing and does the trick for my 5-minute makeup looks!