In love with flirty rompers

If it's one thing I'm sure about when I want to hit the town and be "Sassy Pao" is that I love to show some legs. I've been graced with super long legs that I used to hate when I was younger, by the way.  Can you believe it? I wanted to be petite just like all of my classmates, and I was tired of going all the way to the back for the class photo looking like a doofus. Also, I used to be made fun of for being tall and thin. I've been called "broom", "giraffe", you name it. But now I'm all for showing those long stems off, baby! One of my favorite ways to flaunt what my mama gave me is by pairing high heels with short rompers. Adding high heels instantly dresses them up and add some flirt and sass to the mix. Give me a fresh cut, high heels, and a short romper, and I'm dancing all night! All night!



Short rompers do not only lengthen the body, but they accentuate the legs. They're super comfortable, gorgeous and fit pretty much any body type. I absolutely love their versatility. You can wear them with long blazers, leather jackets, jean jackets, oversized sweaters, and they're just as flattering and ridiculously cute.

I've compiled a list of 10 short rompers (from $40-$275) that I'm absolutely loving at the moment and would make perfect transition-to-fall outfits. Throw on some ankle boots, suede mules, or thigh high boots, and you're good to go!