Girls, Champagne and Bathrobes

Champagne and bathrobes... #findingpaola #imgettingmarried #refineryhotel @kikabolinha @disabster

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This past weekend was a dream. I celebrated my bachelorette party with eight amazing friends from different stages of my life who all came together to plan a beautiful evening that led to a two day event.  I couldn't help but feel full that night. Full of love. Full of light. Full of gratitude. Full of life. 

I was able to hug a friend I hadn't seen in maybe five or six years. She's someone I've admired since the first time I met her. It's fascinating to see the women we've grown into. I met her in 2004 where we were both thrown into a summer program to prepare us for our years at the university. We shared a foam pad in the remote mountains of the Dominican Republic where I told her about my past and random thoughts. She knew me as the girl who didn't drink and who hated hugs. We danced and showered in the rain wearing clear shower caps to protect our hair on the mountains. 

I knew that the night took planning. I knew that they could have been doing a thousand other things things. I knew that they didn't all live in New York. But they were all there with smiles, hugs, toasts, and gifts. Their presence alone meant so much to me. And I realized that's literally what dreams were made of. Not what we could afford. Not where we are. But who we are surrounded by.

Friendship is important to me I realize as I get older. Sitting at a beautifully set table with orchids on each plate on a rooftop downtown, watching my friends write meaningful things about me on a sheet of paper. And sharing fun memories reminded me once more how wonderful life is when you're surrounded by the right group. I'm approaching thirty, and it's been hard keeping up with friends, especially when you're building a brand and running your own business full time. The fact that they've somehow forgiven my silence, and we can catch up effortlessly makes me eternally grateful. 

Thank you Soukena, Abby, Riva, Cacsmy, Ilyan, Kristia, Ania, and Jessica for making the night special. I love you all. Thank you Refinery Hotel for hosting us, and Hotel Chantelle for accommodating our many needs!