Why not size up?!

The older I get the more I realize how much I love to wear clothes that don't really cling to my body. I'm not sure if it's because of my body type. I've always been tall, thin with an athletic built. My body literally goes up and down, there is NO curve. Nada. But it's ok, I've come to terms with that. I've accepted it. And you know what? I even love it! When I go shopping, I love to size up, especially when it comes to shirt dresses. In this case, I purposely purchased an XL in this shirt. 

Tips on sizing up:

  • I love oversized clothing that flow nicely on my long body. When I size up, I go for light materials, like the lightweight linen in this shirt. I find that it's more playful and versatile that way. I can cuff the sleeves, and tuck in, or tie around the waist without it being too bulky. 
  • Showing a little leg is fun, and doing so while being comfortable is the true icing on the cake, yo! I love grabbing oversized men's shirts or sizing up on women's shirt dresses because I find that they lengthen the legs, while remaining chic and fun. 
  • Three things I absolutely love sizing up on: Crew neck tees, denim shirts, shift dresses (unless they already run large).
  • I'm more selective on blazers because I love a good structured blazer, and the arms length is very important to me. When the arms or too long or short, I cuff them and add lots of bangles to add some of my fairy charm.

 If I can fit in a small, but I can't do a backbend, squat or high kick, I'm probably not getting it. I need to at least do one of those things mentioned because... why torture myself? Unless it's one of those days I'm feeling saucy, and I want to suck in my stomach, walk all tall and graceful, and speak in a low and sensual voice while occasionally winking and shimmying every chance I get (my alter ego, her name is Lola). But I can only endure that pain for so long, you know? So give me something loose. Something flirty. Something flowy wit a little pizazz!

I loved this shirt so much, and I imagined it a certain way, so I just picked it up even when I realized it was three sizes over what normally fits me. I think that's the true fun behind having a personal style. A number chart should not matter as long as you're comfortable, and the clothes complement or accentuate your silhouette. I don't pay attention to the size label because to me it should not matter. I even wear men's shirts in a large! You really should try oversized men's shirts. They're amazing. 

Do you go for larger sizes? What do you typically go for?

Top: Anthropologie; Ring/Bracelet/Headwrap: Fanm Djanm; Shoes: BCBG; Shorts: American Apparel; Bag: J Crew; Choker: Bauble Bar

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