Easy Breezy Boho

My favorite kind of clothing is easy, breezy, and flowy. They're easier to wear, especially during the heatwave. I actually don't mind the heat much, even when sweat runs down from the center of my boobs, or I can spot sweat bubbles right above my top lip. It's all good! When it's overwhelmingly hot, I don't find myself rushing too much. I walk taking longer, slower strides, and I stop more to admire my surrounding. Just another excuse to daydream on my way to and from work, you know? And so I wear lightweight flowy dresses whenever I can.

I was in a fairy mood the other day so I piled on color and accessories to brighten this super girly, easy off-the-shoulder dress, not that it needed this much work since it already came with all the little gorgeous details. But you already know your girl! I found that purple and red complimented the soft salmon-pink beautifully, so I went with that! I love having so many headwraps to complement whatever my heart desires!

This summer I find myself reaching for the lightweight, bright, solid headwraps over the printed ones. It really is al about the outfit. Sometimes the headwrap is the center of the outfit. And other times, it's another accessory to complement whatever I'm wearing. 

I purchased these sunflowers for my office, but I have a delightful sunflower story for you! Read all about it HERE!

DRESS: Anthropologie; Headwrap: Fanm Djanm; Shoes: J Crew; BAG: Nordstrom; JEWELRY: Fanm Djanm