Top 5 beauty products in my current makeup routine

Ever since I started posting my daily shenanigans on my #InstagramStories, I've been getting lots of private messages and comments about my makeup and the different products I use. Let me just disclose I'm not a beauty expert or makeup enthusiast. My routine has definitely matured over the years because I can do some basic contouring for when I really need it. I've owned several eye and face palettes among other things for years that I rarely use.  Sometimes I go on crazy Sephora hauls, but I only end up really using only a fraction of the stuff I get. And let's not even mention eyelashes I buy for when the "right time" comes, like weddings, and promo shoots for my various projects. And when I'm getting ready for those things, I don't use them! When I find the things that work for me, I use them for years until I start to get bored.


My personal style in terms of clothing is very colorful, and my facial features are quite large and strong. I love to play with my lipsticks, but I'm pretty minimal when it comes to makeup. I love a clean look most of the time. When I'm feeling saucy, I add some eyeliner to create a cat-eye. When I'm feeling, extra saucy, then I play with shadows.  And even when I apply shadows, I rarely ever go colorful (because most likely my clothes already are!)

The featured products are things I've been using for months now, and I like them just fine. I'm not really even sure if I'm applying them the right way after many failed attempts at keeping up with beauty youtubers. There are just too many tools and products out there!  

For a while, I was stuck with the Makeup Forever HD foundation. I've used it for years until they recently changed their formula. A Sephora rep told me that it's now best applied with fingers instead of brushes. I still use it from time to tim, but I find myself reaching for the Lancome one more often. For the Tent Idole (by Lancome) I use a Sephora Pro domed stippling brush (Number 41), and it works perfectly. Other days, I dab some of my face with my fingers, then blend with a wet beauty blender.  I'm not really experienced in brushes, but I have a nice little collection, and I'm always happy to elaborate more on them! 

I use both shades simultaneously under my eyes sometimes for some extra highlighting, but for everyday use I settle for Amande. It's darker and suits my complexion nicer when I want a more natural look. When I'm contouring, I dot Caramel underneath my eyebrows, the bridge of my nose, and right in the center of my forehead. I then use a concealer brush to lightly blend it. And to make sure it's completely blended, I follow up with a wet beauty blender. I don't like harsh lines and obvious contouring. 

I use the powder to set my makeup after I'm finished, focusing on the areas I applied the concealer on, especially the area underneath my eyes. It can get messy when you travel, but it lasts a very long time and I love how it sets the makeup. 

This mascara is amazing! I have full lashes but they're not very long, and this mascara adds volume and length.  I can actually see my lashes on my face! My only criticism is that you need a small eyelash comb or brush to go through after because it can be a bit clumpy and messy if you're not too careful. 

When it comes to eyeliners, I stick to the Sephora COLLECTION. I love their liquid and pencil liners, and they're typically a fraction of the cost from other makeup brands. I love felt tips for my liquid liners because I feel like they give me more control, and the lines are more precise. 


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