I had a conversation with the moon, and I cried

I've been working for myself over two years now. And since I've started, I've been able to travel several places to share what I do with different audiences. So far, each trip has been incredibly meaningful and have impacted me in ways that I never thought possible. This one time, I was in Puerto Rico with Fanm Djanm as a vendor for the biggest annual natural hair meet-up event hosted by Diosas Al Natural, and the day before the big event, my friend Kristia and I walked to the beach with a bottle of bubbly and a hula hoop to catch the sunset. Our goal was to really let go and have fun. We dressed up in flowy clothes as if we we planned on attending a cocktail party just for the occasion. It was the perfect kind of breezy, and the sunset began just as our toes touched the sand. 

We ran wild with the waves, danced, hula hooped and finished the bottle before our cups got too sandy. Our giggles were plentiful, and freedom poured out of our very pores. It may not seem like it, but I'm always nervous before an event, and that evening with the moon, everything made sense. Not only did it help with calming my nerves, but it was a symbol of true happiness. Because I was entirely focused on the sunset, when the moon stole my attention, my eyes immediately filled with tears. You know why? I was already thinking how it was a perfect afternoon with the sunset, and my friend, and wine, and the Puerto Rican breeze. 

I grabbed my friend, and screamed, "Look at the moon! It's talking to me!" It was one of the most beautiful moon rises I've ever seen. It seemed so close to me.  The moon wrote me a love song, serenaded me before I could even speak back. It grabbed my hands and brought me to my feet to celebrate. It told me not to worry, and to be thankful. It too danced in the ocean with me. It told me that all would be alright. I glanced past it and into the dark sky and remembered how minuscule I was in this entire universe. And how my problems sometimes were imaginary things my mind made up out of fear. The moon told me not to take myself so seriously, especially when I worked hard for something. It told me that the working hard part was part of the process and that I sometimes need to take a break. It told me that a break won't kill me, but it will rejuvenate me and everything I stand for. The moon whispered that I was beautiful, and that I was a reflection of its grandeur and everything beautiful. 

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Dress: Urban Outfitters