5 tips on Mixing Prints

Some days I wake up, and I want to literally wear all of the prints. I go through my closet on a mad rampage picking out the most vibrant things to see how I can mix them all together. I want to look like an African fairy, damnit! It's no secret that I'm a print and color lover, but what I really aim to do is to find fun ways to wear things that wouldn't typically go together or not too obvious and expected. For example, adding the kente print headwrap to finish this outfit was the icing on the cake for me! This look could have been completely different had I taken away the headwrap, thai clutch, and blue slides. I could've opted for minimal pumps and a nice red leather purse. But where's the fun in that?!

I often get asked to provide tips on how to mix prints either in person or via email. I truly never thought about it much before I started mixing my prints. Sometimes, I feel like when I choose the safe way to wear something, I'm taking away my ability to be truly creative. Style is one of my favorite ways to express myself. Prints, color, and comfort play a huge role in my self expression. 

Here are FIVE tips I live by when it comes to mixing prints:

1- Confidence, something we're not all born with but learn through time and growth, is absolutely necessary. If you walk out with your banana-print trouser and polka-dot shirt like you own it, guess what? You OWN it! Let out your inner fairy.

2- Don't listen to "fashion rules". They're made up by people who want to control you so they can take all your money and strip away your self-confidence. 

3- When I mix prints, I love to play within the same color family, or with colors I know absolutely complement each other. For example, if you mix any black and white prints, they ought to look fantastic together. Finish the look with a pop of color either on the lips or an accessory, and float around! For this outfit, although the prints are all different, many of colors repeat through the outfit. You'll notice plenty of blues and pinks and reds. And because those prints generally go well together, although the outfit is busy, everything still flows. 

4- Look in the mirror and use your best judgement. Sometimes things look like they would go well together separately, but once you put them all on, it's a whole different story. If it looks like you're trying too hard and everything clashes, then maybe those prints are not compatible. Floral on floral is typically my least favorite print mixing combo. I try to stick with floral and stripes, or dots and floral. I also love dots and stripes and everything in between. I don't do large prints with other large prints either. I keep small prints together, or mix large with small. 

5- Have fun! Don't be afraid to mix your Ankara prints with modern or retro prints. It's not the clothes who makes the woman, but the woman who makes the clothes. And don't forget, comfort is key.



Purse: Fanm Djanm; Headwrap: Fanm Djanm; Bracelets/Ring: Fanm Djanm; Skirt: J CREW; Shoes: J CREW