My Colors in Old San Juan

A stroll through Old San Juan in a sheer white dress and leopard print headwrap reminded me of how beautiful it is to be a woman. I was no longer “Paola, the dreamer”. I was “Lola, the conquerer”. Yes, I have a few alter egos. They set the mood. They take me places. That day, I felt sexy and soft. I held my head up and walked straighter. I allowed myself to get lost in the streets. I twirled and spun when I wanted. I allowed the flowers hanging low from the colorful trees to touch me. Lola was out, and that meant… anything could happen.

Last year, I went to Puerto Rico, on a business trip. I reached out to a small boutique, Len.T.Juela Vintage,  to collaborate on a few small projects. One of them was to shoot a few looks in the streets of San Juan using their clothes and accessories with my personal style. We linked up with Steph Segarra, and created a few looks I hand-picked from their beautiful collections, and these are the results!