Tassel bag and short shorts

I'm a sucker for fun accessories. I love bags, shoes, bracelets, hats, headwraps (clearly), rings, random feathers, and shiny things that I probably shouldn't wear as accessories but still do because, hey! Life is short. I love them all! I want them all.

I finally realized why I'm so big on accessorizing. When I first moved to New York City right after I graduated college with an empty wallet and laughable bank account, my shopping budget was very limited. I've always been somewhat of a frugal girl, but my desire to dress up and express myself through my colors only stronger. I firmly believe if you can't afford the most expensive or luxurious clothing, accessories make an outfit. I love to add color and texture to an everyday look for a little Paola-Pizzazz. I'm a colorful gal, and I won't hide it. OK, maybe I just can't help it! I've been teased because of it, but after sticking to my guns for so many years, the colors are starting to truly define me.

For a breezy Saturday afternoon in San Diego, I hung out on the roof at the Andaz with shorts, my favorite summer sandals, paired with a flowy breezy top. I love long loose tops because they make wearing short shorts more appealing to me. And I absolutely adore them with high heels. They really accentuate my long legs. I added some fun with the Kente bandana, and tassel clutch. The look was very easy, but fun!

Shorts: American Apparel; Top: Urban Outfitters; Scarf/Bag/Jewelry: Fanm Djanm; Shoes: Kenneth Cole