Seeking Sunshine in Sedona

Mwen se yon ti zwazo

Kap cheche soley

Ak limye

Pou’m danse ak tout fle

Mwen se yon ti zwazo

Kap fe lago

Ak Koule

Pou’m chante ak tout

Lot ti zwazo

Translation: I’m a little bird; in search of the sun; and light; So I can dance with all flowers; I’m a little bird in a game of hide and seek with color; So I can sing with all the other little birds.

(Copyright: Paola Mathe 2016)

I remember when I was in college or when I  first moved to New York City, I often confused people with my happiness. People thought I was always under the influence because of the way I viewed life. If they didn’t think I was on drugs, they just said I was naive, or lived in a bubble. I’ve always been a grateful person. I used to be so grateful for so many things. I used to dance any time I wanted to. And I would talk about my random dreams with friends, and before I ended my sentences, sometimes I would tell them how happy I was. I’d tell them that I couldn’t believe I was there, speaking to them in a language that wasn’t always mine and having a great time. I’d tell them that everything was possible.


Now, I’m still the same way, but I have to think of those times to get the feelings back. There’s so much going on when you run your own business. No matter how much you do, you feel like it’s not enough. The first time I felt like I did in college in a long time was during my trip to Africa last year. While I was in the reserve surrounded by animals I never thought I’d be able to see in my lifetime, I thought of the colorful life I’ve lived in the very short amount of time I’ve been on this earth. I thought about all of the different jobs I’ve had. The people I’ve encountered. And sitting next to lions reminded me again that everything was possible.

I haven’t always lived a colorful life. My life was pretty dark when I was a child actually. I spent a lot of time on my own, observing, and dreaming to be elsewhere. I don’t think I was grateful then because I didn’t think I had anything to be grateful for. Although looking back now, I had plenty. I had to learn to appreciate the things I had while working hard for the things I wanted.

Now I find myself traveling a lot more because of the life decisions I made a few years ago. Trembling with fear, I still took a chance on my abilities and potentials. And now, I can really make my dreams come true one step at a time. I remember the short hike in Arizona as another time I felt extremely grateful for life and everything it had to offer.

My amazing fiance decided to book us a nice romantic getaway in Sedona after we attended a wedding in Phoenix. He thinks I work too hard, and I think I don’t work enough. You see, I’m always thinking about how things could be better. And how I want to evolve my brand, and all of the different possibilities I can take. I’m always thinking about how to make what I’m doing have more meaning and how I can help others while doing what I love. Sometimes, I forget about the present, and my mind does this thing of its own. I like being a dreamer, but being present is important too. I refuse to be the woman who can’t enjoy herself when there are so many things to be thankful for. Just look at the colors! One of my favorite photos of this series from Sedona is the one of the pink tree in front of the mountains. It makes me want to put on a beautiful floral dress to twirl in with a pair of vintage brown boots. Oh how I love nature!

We stayed in Enchantment Resort for o day and a half, and it was one of the most beautiful and peaceful little getaways I’ve ever experienced. The staff at the resort were all extremely helpful and courteous. We were able to get two short hikes in. The heated pool and hot tub with the killer view were the cherries on top. We heard the spa was one of the best in the country, but just being at the resort, unwinding was enough for me. I will definitely return.