Being a lover at Emerson Spice in Zanzibar

Reading sappy romance novels at a very young age in Haiti is definitely the cause of my intoxicated desire to watch or come up with crazy love stories on my own. I lived on a cloud during my childhood and early teenage years. In my daydreams, I went to many places in the world. I was always the strong character who gave men a big challenge when it came to winning my heart. In my dreams, I set the tone for everything. I would tell them where and when I wanted to see them, and let me tell you… Hotel Emerson Spice in Zanzibar is undoubtedly a place I’ve imagined in one these little silly dreams. A place I thought only existed in the fairytales I made up. Every window, curtain flowing in the wind, noise from the street vendors and passersby, rooftops from nearby buildings pulled at my every senses. I felt like crying and dancing at the same time. I couldn’t contain my joy!

Our taxi driver to the hotel was very friendly. As we drove through Stonetown, he told us stories and bits and pieces about some of the historical attractions we passed. It was hard for me to pay full attention because there was so much beauty all around me. To get to the hotel, we had to walk through a few alleyways and corridors that the vehicle couldn’t squeeze through.We rolled our luggage through the small streets. My fiance was very patient with me as he allowed me to stop at every corner for a photograph. When we finally made it, we were greeted with cold lemonade and a few friend smiles at the lobby.

I still can’t get past how perfect the hotel is. So much personality in every corner! The old school charm of the whole place is what really made it for me. I felt like a princess who had the world at her fingertips waking up in the bed. They gave us actual keys (not little plastic cards!) to gain access to our room, and yes, I wanted to keep them for old time memories, and of course future trips.

Breakfast was served on the roof. We were able to hear students studying at schools nearby. The colors of the neighboring houses and buildings called us to play. I enjoyed the layout and taste of beautiful exotic fruits. I felt myself sync in my chair as I took it all in. The beauty was too much for me to handle all at once. The feeling I got in Zanzibar was how I anticipated my first trip to Paris to be. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Paris. But Zanzibar did not only speak to me, it sang to me.

The staff at the hotel is brilliant, they were all charismatic and friendly. They were very helpful in helping us run our errands. We always had a companion when I had a crazy idea or when we needed to purchase fairy tickets back to Dar Es Salaam. My favorite memory was enjoying a long bath in the beautiful tub in the center our room. We sat, listened to all that Zanzibar had to say to us from outside that night. We just relaxed, and enjoyed each other’s company.

My rating: Five Haitian mangoes out of five (Yes, you have to climb the stairs to your room, but it’s all worth it!)