My little red bag...

Red is my favorite color. Some of you already know that because I bring it up quite often. I have a thing with red doors, red hats, red nails, red lipsticks, and red bags. The color red is so powerful, even the slightest drop of it brightens everything. Some days when I want to feel better, I just put on red lipstick. And other days, when I want my outfit to pop, I grab a red purse. 

This small red Barcelona bag from Loewe is everything my wardrobe needed. It's perfect for this festive time of the  year. And during the cold winter months that I always dread so much, it'll be the pop of color I need.  It adds the perfect amount of chicness and personality to any neutral, casual outfit. It dresses everything up, and for that reason, I've been wearing it all week! I've paired it with all kinds of things from my closet, both old and new, including a thrifted leather skirt and my husband's old flannel shirt. You think I'm kidding? The other day I wore an old grey knit jumpsuit, very worn black ankle boots, my grey hat, and not a hint of makeup. And yet I received so many compliments on my outfit. It was the bag, I know it was. 

Every now and then I love to get out of Harlem for a little peace of mind. I schedule some meetings at different coffee shops downtown, and I also take the opportunity to get some reading done while waiting for my appointments to arrive. I love being comfortable, and since I'm hopping around the city, I tend to play with my outfits a little. A little texture here, a pop of color there, some animal print... You never know who you'll run into! What if I bumped into Grace Jones?

For my downtown meeting this week, I chose a pair of vintage suede pants, leopard-print loafers, and a giant denim headwrap to go with my Barcelona bag. I completed the look with my husband's wool coat. Yes, I wear a lot of my husband's stuff.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I was gifted this bag for this style post. I do not partner or promote any products I do not personally believe in. 


Photos by Aaron Pegg