Polka Dot Knee High Socks and Oxfords

I remember elementary school vividly. Perhaps even more than high school and all of the new quirkiness I was starting to embrace about myself. I attended an all girls catholic school where we wore shiny Mary Jane shoes with crispy white doily socks laced with ribbons and ruffles. I didn't hate them, but I was always curious about the shoes the boys got to wear. I loved Sunday afternoons because after my school work, I'd polish my shoes just like I liked them, and I would lay my perfectly ironed uniform on a chair for easy reach in the morning.  At church, after my readings at Eglise Saint Pierre, I'd shyly stare at the boys' shoes.

I was terrified of boys, and I would blush just at the thought of having them notice I was interested in anything about or close to them. I felt envious of their shiny oxford shoes. I wanted them so badly! I knew it would be strange to wear them with my uniform dress as a little girl. I'm sure they didn't even have them for girls at the stores my mother took me. Now that I remember, I don't think we were even allowed to wear any other style of shoes other the  black Mary Jane shoes. 

My love for men's inspired clothing grew stronger after college. I'm not the girl who goes crazy for ballet flats. In fact, I really couldn't care less about them. They're boring, safe, and they make my ankles sore. I love comfort combined with chicness and a little edge. Men's inspired shoes say that to me. I decided to pair these with a dress because that's what I was not allowed to do as a child. I don't need doily socks to wear with a dress! Hmmm... maybe I'll get doily socks, just so I could wear them with destroyed loose jeans. You already know how I feel with contrast. After all, that's all I seem to ramble about these days.


Coat: Keepsake the Label via Nordstrom; Dress: Nasty Gal; Earrings: Fanm Djanm; Bag: JCREW; Glasses: Quay; Shoes: Cole Haan

Photographer: Aaron Pegg