A long Kimono for Drama

Have you ever gone shopping, stumbled across a piece, picked it up, and wondered, "How and where the hell would I ever wear this?" That's how I felt about kimono jackets for a long time. Actually, that how I felt about any statement jacket. Looking back, I think I felt that way because I wanted to make sure I had the basics first. I wanted jackets that wouldn't stand out too much, but would compliment most everyday outfits, like a good black leather jacket, or a nude or black wool trench.

Yet recently, while vending at an event in Brooklyn, I came across this beauty, and I knew I had to have it. I love pieces that pull me, and seem to tell me that they belong in my closet for a very long time. Pieces that my daughter would love to borrow. And this trench kimono yelled that to me from all the way across the room. I swear it did. And then, when I got closer, it whispered sweet nothings in my ear, and the next thing I knew, I was folding it to take it home with me, where it clearly belonged.  


If you ever come across a super long kimono jacket, you should absolutely snatch it up! Here are five reasons:

1- You live for drama, but you'd rather have dramatic clothes than be involved in it yourself. Look at how this baby flows! It says, "Don't mess with me. I'm mysterious. I'm in control, and I'm fun. I can be a wizard for all you know." 

2- You love comfort. I love that kimono jackets just fall straight down. I love hiding my shape in my clothes. I love to twirl, kick, and do backbends without having to adjust anything. 

3- You love statement pieces. With a print like that, and the way it hits all the way past my ankles, this jacket dresses up any ol' thing. I mean, I'm wearing it with a muscle tee and skinnies. Could I get any more basic?

4- You love versatile pieces. This piece can be dressed up or down! Picture it with a little black dress and high heels. Or cropped trousers and a loose blouse. Or turtle neck and mini skirt. Hello!

5- Layering is fun. Throw on a turtle neck, topped with a slipped dress, topped with a leather jacket, and you can STILL put this on. What more do you want?

Shop the look:

Pants: Levi's; Jacket: Thrifted; Top: H&M; Shoes: Stuart Weitzman; Glasses: Quay; Headwrap: Fanm Djanm; Rings: Fanm Djanm